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  1. Who here uses Yahoo Japan?

    I regularly use RHD Japan as the last couple of people have said the items are a little more expensive but postage is cheap as and fast. Although if your looking through yahoo auctions you cant go past getting streeter to organize everything for you hes super easy to deal with.
  2. Identifying Recaro Seats

    Ok cheers thanks for the help.
  3. Hey Guys, So i brought some recaros for my 180SX and have no idea what type they are, Recaro sr2/3/4 etc. Just wondering if any one would know what model they are? Another quick question what would be the best seat rails to use for these seats, I have heard you can use bride rails but there are heaps of different types so i have no idea. Any help would be great, Cheers.
  4. Bit of a highjack but i'm going to get a walbro 255LPH fuel pump and there are two models GSS341 and GSS342. just wondering what the differences are and what will fit a 180sx?.
  5. New to the scene my 180SX

    Thanks guys for the help. will be grabbing a fuel pump then when i get a boost controller in the next couple of weeks.
  6. New to the scene my 180SX

    Thanks for the comments guys, yeah r31 steering wheel is different going to ditch it for a deep dish steering wheel at some stage. thanks for answering my questions i probably will get a tune and nistune at the same time as it sounds like the way to go. Then i know for sure my car will be running safe. Just another quick question may sound stupid but whats the reason for upgrading your fuel pump so quick into the engine mods? can the stock ones not handle much power?
  7. Hey everyone, been browsing these forums for ages gathering a heap of information about silvias in the hope one day i would own one. And i finally got of my p's and bought this clean 180SX which had a few goodies on it. HSD coilovers, HKS exhaust, some kind of aftermarket intercooler, Kouki rear tail lights and one of my favourite set of rims ssr professor sp1 in 17's. Have alot of plans for this but these are on the top of the list. Plans are: Either slam it on stock kit and get a ca lip?? or grab a origin streamline kit (cant make up my mind) Opinions!?! Tint deep dish steering wheel replace broken rear garnish. Boost controller rear twin pipes 2 way Plan is to learn to drift in it and just get out there and have some fun!!! Do you guys recommend a tune after turning up the boost? and is nistune only need when upgrading turbo?? Pics:
  8. Topic redirecting

    Hi was trying to look at pics in the nissan silvia.com / silvia pictures and videos. I try click on the " Nissan 180sx pics only " and it will load then redirect me to a completely different site. This is the site http://jforjustice.co.uk/banksters
  9. What happened to hip hop/rap?

    liking all the Aussie stuff at the moment. This guy is good name isSeven comes from the goldy awesome beat funkoars new song mad song by 360 off his mixtape embed fail f*ck
  10. HELL YES

    finally i good set of mags on a holden and this is pure porn!!!